Interesting Dance Group

One of my fellow students, Jo, posted this which used video projection as part of a dance performance. I think it’s pretty amazing and wanted to share it. This does certainly take art beyond the screen! When I have started to explore this area it seems like there is so much out there already! I guess that is the benefit of going to University you get to discover many things that you didn’t know existed before.

Today has been a quiet day, I’ve been working on a website for an enterprise I am doing with a pal of mine hiring out professional quality hi spec filming equipment.

Beyond the Screen

Today we started one of the key modules “Beyond the Screen” with Alex May. This is taking art outside of the computer screen environment and putting it into the environment. The world becomes your screen and Alex, a practicing full time artist, has done many such installations. His software which allows you to paint digitally for video is really excellent and we got a chance to start using this in groups. The exciting thing for me was that video projection presents huge opportunities to make things very three dimensional. Instead of just projecting onto a flat wall you can add all kinds of objects and planes which means when you view the installation from different angles it looks completely different. One projection can suddenly look like three. Here is our team’s first installation in the tutorial room. The images were moving and incorporated some video elements but you can’t see that from the stills:

Today’s Tutorials

Today we had our first tutorial with Sam Proud. He showed us some of the cool artwork he was involved in with vinyl sleeves and the like which I thought were excellent. Of course I was brought up in the days of vinyl records before CD’s so I could really relate to that. I liked the flash animations also.

Today we made a WordPress Blog and we will be using WordPress for web based authoring of web sites, etc. in the future and I am looking forward to this. I have made websites using a tool called Serif WebPlus X5 and it’s really good but I am pleased to be able to find out more and go in a bit deeper. WordPress looks good and it’s always when you get a chance to use something and gain some familiarity that you start to be able to feel confident with it.

I really enjoyed today and so far am loving being at University, it’s briliant!!