Today’s Tutorials

Today we had our first tutorial with Sam Proud. He showed us some of the cool artwork he was involved in with vinyl sleeves and the like which I thought were excellent. Of course I was brought up in the days of vinyl records before CD’s so I could really relate to that. I liked the flash animations also.

Today we made a WordPress Blog and we will be using WordPress for web based authoring of web sites, etc. in the future and I am looking forward to this. I have made websites using a tool called Serif WebPlus X5 and it’s really good but I am pleased to be able to find out more and go in a bit deeper. WordPress looks good and it’s always when you get a chance to use something and gain some familiarity that you start to be able to feel confident with it.

I really enjoyed today and so far am loving being at University, it’s briliant!!


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